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Customizing your Order

Our Mohair Products come in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns. These can be customized to suit your own personal tastes and preferences. When making specific requests in the spaces provided in the online store please use as much detail as possible.

If you are unsure about a specific detail, please do not hesitate to contact us


Base Color - This will be the main color of the cinch and is most often white or cream. You may choose a different color by selecting Other and specifying the color in the  additional information space provided on the order page. You can have more than one base color for a surcharge.

Primary Color - This will be the main feature color of your product

Secondary Color - This will be the second additional color chosen

Additional Colors Can be specified in the Additional Information section on the order page.

Graphics - Include Checkers, Fox heads, Hearts, Diamonds, Squares and Triangles and can be placed at the ends of the cinch or in the center. Please specify color when ordering. For Special requests please contact us first.

Words - Short words or letters i.e. Initials or horse name can be placed beneath the buckles at either end . Please specify color of letters when ordering.



Buckles - For Cinches you may see the option for Regular Buckles or a Roller Buckle on one end. This helps with tightening the cinch.

For Girths you may have the option of a split end or fixed ends. A split end enables the girth buckles to be separated on a 3 pointed saddle such as a jumping saddle to evenly distribute the load.

D-Rings - Center Woven with Mohair or  Nylon Connected and stitched.

Buckle Guards - May be requested for an additional price (unless included in description). These are made from Neoprene and provide strong, cushioned protection to protect horse and/or saddle. Please specify Regular or Leather Keepers as per pictures.

All Buckles and D - Rings are Stainless Steel unless otherwise specified.

Base Color Cream/Natural, Primary Color Light Blue

Base Color Cream/Natural, Primary Color Black, Secondary color White

Two Base colors Purple and Cream, additional color charcoal

Base Color Cream/Natural, Primary Color Black, Secondary Colors White. Graphics, Orange Fox Heads and BlackLettering

Base color Cream/Natural, Primary color pink w/checkers  and heart motif at center.

Regular Cinch Buckle and Roller Buckle

English Fixed End and Split End Buckles

Nylon Connected D-Ring and Center Woven D-Ring

Buckle Guard w/Leather Keeper and Buckle Guard W/Neoprene Keeper

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