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Care Instructions for Mohair Cinches and Girths

General Care:  Brush carefully with a soft brush to help remove dirt and loose hair.

Note: Do not remove all the horse hair from the Mohair Cinch/Girth. It is a character of Mohair cording to incorporate the horse’s hair and benefits your horse in the long run. 


Washing is not required, however if the Cinch/Girth becomes excessively dirty, there are 2 methods you may follow.

Hose Wash:  Clean off loose dirt as above.  Lay Cinch/Girth horse side up where water can drain away. Hose off till water runs clear.

Hand Wash: Soak Cinch/Girth in bucket of water with a tsp of your horses’s shampoo. Roll the Cinch/girth by holding a buckle in each hand and alternating back and forth through the water with the horse side away from you.

Change to fresh water as many time as it takes for no more dirt or soap to run off.

Rinse one more time in water with 3/4 cup of white vinegar.  
Hang to dry out of direct Sun, with plenty of air circulation.


A weight can be added while drying to help it to keep its shape. 

Note: Do Not Wash in a Machine! This will damage the Cinch/Girth in many ways 

Avoid drastic changes it water temperature. This could cause shrinkage. Ensure the Water you use to wash and the water you use to rinse are the same temperature.

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