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custom mohair cinches laid on saddle

Comfort your horse needs. 
Style you love.

Handmade 100% Mohair Cinches & Girths

Expertly Handcrafted,
Naturally Comfortable

Your horse’s well-being guides every decision you make. 

That’s why you’re here at Kathie's Cinches & More. From the trail to the show pen, you want tack that’s going to keep your horse comfortable. 

Mohair cinches and girths naturally and effectively get the job done, every time.

Shop Handmade Mohair
Cinches & Girths

Do you need to match custom colors to your saddle pad or show gear? Is your horse a unique size or shape that requires a custom creation?


Let’s get started on your custom Mohair cinch or girth.


You’ll work directly with me (Kathie, the maker) through each step of the ordering process. That means you’re guaranteed to get a custom Mohair cinch or Mohair girth that fits your personal style and keeps your horse comfortable for every ride.

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Complete the custom order form, including inspiration pictures as needed.

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I’ll confirm your order details and then craft your item by hand, keeping you in the loop throughout each step of the process.

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Unpack your gear and enjoy all the benefits 100% Mohair has to offer!

Additional Mohair Tack Also Available

Interested in these mohair tack items?

Contact me here to get more info.

Kathies Cinches & More is my go-to custom cinch maker. Not only is Kathie a delight to deal with but she delivers an exceptional quality product.
When I needed something special to help secure my side saddle Kathie made me exactly what I needed.

Debbie Beth Halachmy, Cowboy Dressage World

side saddle with custom Mohair cinch