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Buckles - For Cinches you may see the option for Regular Buckles or a Roller Buckle on one end. This helps with tightening the cinch.

For Girths you may have the option of a split end or fixed ends. A split end enables the girth buckles to be separated on a 3 pointed saddle such as a jumping saddle to evenly distribute the load.

D-Rings - Center Woven with Mohair or  Nylon Connected and stitched.

Buckle Guards - May be requested for an additional price (unless included in description). These are made from Neoprene and provide strong, cushioned protection to protect horse and/or saddle. Please specify Regular or Leather Keepers as per pictures.

All Buckles and D - Rings are Stainless Steel unless otherwise specified.

Regular Cinch Buckle and Roller Buckle

English Fixed End and Split End Buckles

Nylon Connected D-Ring and Center Woven D-Ring

Buckle Guard w/Leather Keeper and Buckle Guard W/Neoprene Keeper

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