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Returns, Replacement &
Refund Policy

Here's what you need to know about returns, replacements or refunds: 

Customers may return Tack if it is new and shows no signs of wear. 

Mohair tack damaged because of improper storage or care (rodents, pets, insects, or machine washing) will not be refunded or replaced.

If you return the tack due to an ill fit, I will refund the base cost or make you a new piece. If the requested modifications to the tack increase the price, the customer pays the difference. 

If a problem shows up within three months or 25 rides of purchase, I will replace the mohair tack for the cost of materials. In the rare instance the tack is causing issues ( examples: pinching, sores, etc.), please take pictures of the problem for documentation and to help with correction.  

I can repair used tack if the damage is in the design. The repair cost is up to me and depends on the materials needed.


If the woven-in D-rings in the middle bar pull loose or come off, I will repair it at no charge. However, I cannot repair damage to the cording on the base of the mohair tack, but I can reuse the hardware in a new piece.

Shipping on Returns or Repairs
The customer pays for shipping to me. I covered the postage for sending it back to the customer. 

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